A Writer’s Rap

School run’s done and I’m at my desk
I’ll get started in a minute, when I’ve cleaned this mess
The desk is clear and the laptop’s on
But the great idea that I had is gone
I’ll just check my Facebook, my Insta and my tweets
Have a poke in the fridge, see what there is to eat.

Half hour later and I’m good to go
Started a chapter, I’m in my flow
The characters are chatting, the dialogue’s good
It’s so easy to write when you’re in the mood
I’m doing so well, I can probably risk it
To pop downstairs for a bourbon biscuit

Read a bit back. Oh no! It’s boring!
I can’t publish that – all the readers will be snoring!
Delete. Delete. And start again.
Two hundred words pared back to ten
I’ll pop on YouTube, have a little gawk
Maybe get some inspiration from a writing Ted Talk

Starting again with a bit of description
Is it too late to for a career in non-fiction?
Can’t remember the colour of my character’s hair.
Was it red or brown or did I make him fair?
Getting in my stride now, this is almost fun.
Quick check of the word count to see what I’ve done.

Only three hundred words? Well, that’s demoralising
I need to hit the keyboard and stop verbalising
I’ll just check my email, give myself a break
Is it two o’clock already? For goodness sake!
I’ve hardly written anything, it’s time to get the kids
My writing career is going to hit the skids

Get my coat and the dog, start out down the street
As soon as the pavement makes contact with my feet
I get an idea which will fix all the holes
In my plot and my character will reach her goal!
It’s genius! Fantastic! This book will be a winner!
I’ll get straight back to work…
…Once the kids have had their dinner.

Emma Robinson 2018




2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Rap

  1. Loved it ! Even rapped it !Cant stop it ! You started it !What can I do I blame you !

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


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