First Day

I see you with your eyes that shine: a bright smile plastered on.
Reassuring your child that everything is going to be such fun.

I see you take the deepest breath, as you approach the gate.
Not knowing what is best to do? To come, to go, to wait?

I see you as you wave too hard, your smile that’s full of teeth.
Determined not to show your child, that you can barely breathe.

I see you as you turn away, that look upon your face.
Ripping out a tissue from the pack you brought in case.

I see you on the long walk home, your head a little hung
Muttering words like ‘Sweden’ and ‘Finland’ and ‘Too young’.

I see you because I was you, my heart broke just like yours
And I promise it gets easier, to leave them at that door.

Whether your child goes skipping in or has to be peeled away.
It won’t again be quite so hard as it is on this first day.


4 thoughts on “First Day

  1. Hi Emma,

    Yet again a fantastic poem! Charlotte isn’t going until next September but reading it had me in tears! You’re so talented.

    Kate Xx

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