Dear Teacher (Goodbye)

Dear Teacher (Goodbye)

I know you’re very busy
On the last day, there’s no time
Lots of kids want to say goodbye
Including this one of mine

It feels like just a blink ago                                       
We first sent them through your doors
Since then, apart from holidays,
Six hours a day, they was yours

You’ve listened to their stories
Given praise for pictures drawn
Encouraged and admonished
Set boundaries, cheered them on

You’ve survived squeaky recorders
Trips on coaches, nativity plays.
Swimming. Cooking. Experiments
One mile runs and dress-up days

They’ve made wonderful new friendships
Learned to always try their best
And how to cope if things go wrong
That they’re more than just a test

It’s not an easy job to keep
Them learning and enquiring
You’ve done so much for all of them
By teaching and inspiring

As they leave today, I see your face
And watch you wipe a tear
Know that you will miss them
As you must do every year

So, today, I’ll take a moment
On this, their final one
To thank you from my grateful heart
For all that you have done

It’s time for them to leave now
They must say their last Goodbye
We gave them roots, you gave them wings
They are ready now, to fly.

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