The Dream

There was a girl who dreamed to see her book upon a shelf.
She wrote novels for her parents; drew the pictures all herself.

In her teens she wrote a journal with the details of her day.
Still writing lots of stories, but secretly hidden away.

In her twenties and her thirties, she wrote in fits and starts.
As real life took up lots more time: jobs, mates and broken hearts.

Then she became a mother and she started up a blog.
A way to prove her brain still worked, beneath the parenting fog.

As that girl reached 40, the dream whispered in her ear:
If you’re ever going to write that book, it has to be this year.

With a job and two small children, it was sometimes hard to write.
But she made the most of any time, even deep into the night.

And then the book was finished. But the dream still wasn’t done.
She wanted to get it published, to be read by everyone.

Four more years of tweaking to improve and to enhance.
Then one day, someone saw it, and they gave that girl her chance.

So, if you know a girl or boy, with big dreams of what they’ll do.
Tell them to keep working, and one day it will come true.

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