Small Child V2.0

Dear God

 Whilst I appreciate that you have been in the business of creating human beings for a long time now, I would like to humbly suggest some modifications should you decide to revise the current version of small child.

 1. Ear functionality – small child V1.0 seems to experience intermittent audio loss, otherwise known as selective hearing. This can vary between acute deafness and the hearing of a superhero i.e. an inability to hear the phrase ‘Sit down and eat your dinner” whilst being able to hear the crinkling of a sweet wrapper from three rooms away. (NB Husband V2.0 could also benefit from this bug fix.)

 2. A glitch in brain synapsis which renders an incomprehension of the word ‘no’. This incomprehension manifests itself when the small child continues to repeat a question if it is answered with ‘no’. As in:

“Can I have sweets before dinner?”


“Please can I have sweets?”


“Pleeeeease can I have sweets?”

This can continue through several cycles and often ends with an incessant whining sound and leakage from the eyes.

3. Lapses in memory. This takes two forms: inability to retrieve information ((“I don’t know where I left your purse after I was playing with it.”) and general memory loss (” I forgot that I’m not allowed to help myself with biscuits from the cupboard.”) 

4. Shutdown malfunction. I have been reliably informed by several user manuals that you can program your small child to automatically shut down at a set time each evening. My model seems unable to perform this effectively and often requires me to perform the shutdown sequence several times. It also turns itself back on too early or at random times in the night. Also, the younger of my two models sometimes crashes mid-afternoon which makes the evening shutdown even more difficult. 

I hope you are not offended with my suggestions to improve your otherwise excellent model; those of us in the field can often experience practical issues which may not have been considered important in the design phase. On that subject, there are a number of modifications which would greatly benefit Mother V2.0: an extra set of hands, larger reserves of patience and the ability to concurrently cook dinner, supervise a craft activity and negotiate a peace treaty to name but a few.

 Otherwise, I am very happy with both of my small child V1.0 although I regret to inform you that I will not be purchasing further copies.

 Yours humbly,

 Mrs A. Mother


One thought on “Small Child V2.0

  1. That's very funny! My younger model comes with a dispersal function for small plastic bricks and is able to spread these over wide areas with very little effort. In early evolutionary modes, this may have been of benefit for seeds, etc. but the Lego is never going to grow in our carpet.


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