A Parent’s Advice

Find something that you love to do and do it every day.
Be well informed and interesting, have worthwhile things to say. 

Try to keep your focus, concentrate on every task.
And if you’ve tried your very best, that’s all anyone can ask.

Seek advice when you are lost, watch how others take their turn. 
But don’t be scared to take a chance, mistakes are how you learn. 

Chase those who run in front of you, whilst encouraging those behind.
When deciding how to act or speak, think always “Is it kind?”

Speak out against injustice and protect those who are weak. 
Hold your tongue when angry, in case cruel words you speak

Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s something you can’t do. 
For everything is in your grasp, the one who decides is you. 

Be loyal to those who love you whilst you also make new friends.  
And if you hurt somebody, you must always make amends. 

Not everything comes easily, sometimes you just can’t win. 
But the only time you really lose is when you throw it in. 

No-one likes to hear you boast that you’re the best on Earth. 
But be proud of your accomplishments and always know your worth. 

Be bold and brave and try things new; don’t ever live in fear. 
For if you fail and things go wrong, I’ll always be right here. 

Fly far and high and wide and deep, the world is yours to roam.

Remember forever you are loved and here you’ll have a home.

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