The Mum Olympics

Seen games for World and Commonwealth
and all the many others?
Now join us for an Olympics which is ‘specially for mothers.

First we have the sprint event,
Mum and trolley on the blocks.
In under 15 minutes, they must do the weekly shop.

Then the middle distance run
will start with a loud hooter.
As the mothers chase a three year old let loose upon his scooter.

The throwing events have been replaced
with catching skills instead.
So, a discus full of dinner will be launched at mummy’s head.

The high jump’s always popular
(as all children would expect)
because mums across the country threaten they’ll be for it next.

Now get behind this mummy
I want to hear you bellow.
As she breaks the long jump record across a room that’s spread with Lego.

If it rains, please go inside
and watch the wrestling mums.
Trying to change the nappies of some very wriggly bums.

The weight events are also there.
How much is that woman lifting?
Bags and toys and a two year old, from hip to hip she’s shifting.

The games are drawing to a close;
The winner has her cup.
She’d love to stop and rest a while but her baby just woke up.

That ends today’s Olympics,
but don’t be filled with sorrow.
Most mums do these things every day, so just come back tomorrow!

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