In the morning

In the morning I will love you,
But now it’s for the best –
If, please, you could go just go to bed
So I can get some rest. 

You’ve had me up for hours,

And my head’s begun to throb. 
I want to lay it down
upon the floor and quietly sob. 

I’ve changed you and I’ve fed you,

Checked you’re not too hot or cold.
In fact, I’ve gone right through the list
of all that I’ve been told. 

But every time I lay you down,

Then quietly start to creep.
You yell for me pick you up. 
Why do you hate to sleep? 

It’s not that I don’t love you. 

I think that you’re terrific.
But if I can’t get just forty winks, 
Tomorrow will be horrific.

So baby, please just close those eyes, 

And wait for sleep to come. 
In the morning, if you let me rest,
I will be much more fun. 

Emma Robinson 2016

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